Pract : Paddington Residents Active Concern on Transport

This is an umbrella group founded by four major Westminster amenity societies. It aims to protect the Paddington area from damage caused by London-wide or national transport schemes, such as the Paddington-Heathrow rail-link and during the construction of the East-West Crossrail, and to campaign for improvements in public transport.

Pract lodged a petition in parliament seeking amendments to the Crossrail project and maximum protection from disturbance to residents during construction but supports the principle of Crossrail.

Currently representing the local community in seeking improvements to the design of Transport for London's 'East-West Cycle Superhighway', which will pass through PRACT's area.

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July 2015
Secretary: Mr John W S Walton
70 Gloucester Terrace
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W2 3HH
020-7262 1346

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