POhWER Advocacy

POhWER offers advocacy for people with physical disabilities, sensory impairment and older people aged 50 plus. Services included are community advocacy, Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA), Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) and Paid Relevant Person’s Representative Services.

Services are open to adults 18 or over, and people can generally use Community Advocacy Services if they are:

  • In a situation where they feel vulnerable, discriminated against or at risk of abuse (financial, emotional, physical, sexual, psychological or institutional)
  • Finding it difficult to put their views across or don't feel they are being listened to,
  • Feeling that they do not have support from someone who has their best interests at heart,
  • Facing a major life change that could mean that they will need to access support services.

POhWER's community advocates are independent and the service is confidential and free.

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October 2014
PO Box 14043
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B6 9BL
0300 456 2370
Minicom - 0300 456 2364
0300 456 2365


Opening hours: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (includes answerphone). Telephone hours: Telephone lines open till 7pm on Thursdays.

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