Outsiders Club

Sex and Disability Helpline: 07074 9935275.

Outsiders is a group for people who feel they have social and/or physical disabilities and are finding it difficult to form friendships and relationships.

Outsiders is a self help group for people who have become isolated as a result of disabilities or other factors, such as shyness, depression or bereavement. Outsiders offers members the chance to contact other people, practice socialising or gain confidence.

Membership fees apply with concessions available. Free copy of the membership list and the newsletter, "Insider", for every member. Outsiders also has a free postal library for members.

Regular lunches are held in London on the second Saturday of each month at 1.30pm onwards. There are also regular lunches in Birmingham and Ipswich.

As well as the regular lunches Outsiders organises other social events and workshops. It also carries out research and advocates.

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August 2015
Contact:Tuppy Owens, Janet Brookman, Eleni Stephani
Redwood Farm
Barrow Gurney
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BS48 3RE
Tel: 07074 990808
Sex and disability helpline: 07074 993 527
Fax: 020-7354 8291


Sex and disability helpline: 11am-7pm weekdays

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